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I wanted to share final images of the Portals installation that I designed and exhibited at the recent Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Your stainless was used for the 300 tubes that wrapped around the exterior of the installation. Here's a link below to images. Please feel free to use them in your company's literature:

Click Here to See!

Many of the beautiful SS shots are towards the end... Thanks again for your help on this project. I'm really happy with how it all turned out and the public loved it, too...lots of images online and on social media!

The pictures in this gallery are actual examples of how our stainless steel mirror finish products have been used. Architects have known about mirrored stainless steel for some time. They choose it for it's beauty, flexibility, and durability. You can feel confident when you purchase our polished stainless steel sheets. They will hold up no matter your application.

Although the gallery shows different colors, we stock and cut to order only the silver. Other mirrored finish colors are available to ship direct in 48''x96'' or 48"x120" sheets.

P.S. Be sure to email photos of your project so that we can show it off in our gallery!

Please click the pictures to expand their size.

Atomic Energy Design companies innovative use of mirrored stainless in creating the Samsung 9' x 47' Tunnel

Mirrored Stainless Solutions Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions

Chicago artist David Wallace Haskins conducts experiments and explorations with light, space, time, and sound. While working with experts in psychology, ecology, physics, and philosophy Haskins leads a core team of likeminded artists and technicians to develop and evolve these experiments into innovative installations, sculptures, and events.
See more of his work at www.davidwallacehaskins.com
Contact- 630-779-7657 or davidwallacehaskins@gmail.com

Innovative use of mirrored stainless steel sheets by PGH Corning
Mirrored Stainless Solutions

"Here is your stainless steel mirror used as amusement for our Guinea hens, they can peck all day at it without the mirror breaking. Birds will look at themselves in a mirror all day long.

Thank you for a great product, feel free to put the picture in your gallery."

- Steve Keuchel

Mirrored Stainless Solutions Mirrored Stainless Solutions

Mirrored Stainless Solutions now offer these mirrored stainless steel C5 Corvette tail light covers. Fits 1997-2004 models. Call 715-256-0352.


The stainless steel mirrors that I bought are fabulous they do not compare to any other company they are absolutely beautiful I recommend your product to anyone who is trying to make their vehicle or Project better here is a few pictures before and after installation.

- From customer Jim Groover Antwerp Ohio 57 Chevy Bel Air

Mirrored Stainless Solutions Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions Mirrored Stainless Solutions

Barry's Body shop is located in Rosholt Wi, I have been in business for 28 years and we specialize in custom painting and fabricating of pretty much all makes and models of cars, big trucks and motorhomes. I am a small shop, But I have customers throughout the 48 states and Canada. No job to big or to small. # 715-677-4850 8am to 5pm central.

Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions

I finally took a moment to send you some pictures of my project. I spent the winter restoring the engine compartment in my 1966 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport Convertible. Just like all your other testimonials, your product is amazing. The material was not bad to work with and it stands up to 160+ degrees of temperature beneath the hood without an issue. I use the water/vinegar solution to clean it and it cleans up beautifully. There is a panel of stainless on the firewall. There is one up under the hood with a ghost "SS 427" layered on top of it. Its very difficult to see in the pictures but it looks so cool. I also bent a piece as a cover over the radiator. I have many pictures so let me know if you need any other angles.


Rich Ferraiola


Finally got a chance to get back to you. Have been enjoying our fireplace immensely! We think it came out great. Thanks for your great customer service and clear communication, not to mention a quality stainless steel product.

Thanks again,

Michael Evans


It is up to you if you would like to use the photos, I don't mind. Your stainless is on a Fountain, you made it look better then ever. I attached a full shot for you and you can still see your stainless in this photo, the hatches are open.

Thanks again, very happy with the product and the outcome.

Mirrored Stainless Solutions Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Barry's Body Shop, I specialize in painting,fabricating,customizing all vehicle's big or small. Call anytime 8 to 5 central 715-677-4850 or e-mail, barrys@wi-net.com.
Mirrored Stainless Solutions Mirrored Stainless Solutions

Flights of Friendship: Weaving Cultures

"Air travel provides opportunities for the citizens of Fort Wayne and her four Sister Cities to visit, share and learn from one another.

These travels are made visible by four silver “threads” that represent aircraft condensation trails that almost literally draw lines in the sky linking Fort Wayne with her Sister Cities.

Fort Wayne is the thread that weaves these cultures together."

Designed by George Morrison Ceramics




Mirrored Stainless Solutions
  • Fascia & Gutters
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Enclosure Repairs and Construction
  • Canopy leak repairs
  • Complete Remodels
  • Concrete Grinding
  • Masonry repairs
  • Floor Tile
  • Roof Repair and Replacement
  • Windows
  • Complete Remodels
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Fence Repairs
  • Doors, Frames, & Hardware
  • Automatic doors
  • Asphalt Patching & Repair
Top Notch Building and Maintenance, Inc. has provided the greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions with quality service for nearly 20 years. We are a general contractor with expertise in commercial building maintenance. Our staff members are experienced professionals with great knowledge of remodeling services. We can have your entire office or building looking new and improved in no time, and we specialize in door installation and repair. Our technicians are AAADM Certified to inspect and repair automatic operated doors. We look forward to taking care of all of your remodeling needs. Let us know how we can earn your business.
Visit our website at www.topnotchbldg.com.
Call us today for more information: (708) 225-5108.

Our clients include:

  • Shell/Circle K
  • Senior Suites
  • PetSmart
  • Horseshoe Casino
  • Chicago International Trucks
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Office Max
  • Baker's Square
  • Catholic Charities
  • Foresite Realty Management
  • Dollar General

Mirrored Stainless Solutions

The front façade was clad with Non-Directional Mirrored Stainless Steel and installed by C.P. Eakes Co.

C.P. Eakes Company is the result of three generations of experience in the metal fabrication arena. The first two generations focused on HVAC applications, making duct work, fabricated pipe, support frames, and other metal goods related to industrial and commercial air conditioning and ventilation.

C.P. Eakes Company was formed in 1996 by the third generation to address the growing need for custom manufactured metal items designed to meet our customers’ very specific criteria. Our products are now used in three primary areas – manufacturing, construction, and OEM applications.

Industrial manufacturers enhance their production using our tanks, machine guards, work platforms, and prototyping ability. Both general contractors and subcontractors use our counters, flashings, ladders, and architectural products such as railings and decorative gates for new and renovation construction in industrial, institutional, and commercial projects.

Our polished stainless steel and brass flashing is used in OEM applications to dress up glass doors, store fronts, and other applications. In these programs, we can either build to order or conduct stock and release programs for our customers.

Whether you need a pressure vessel to hold potable water or a tapering stainless steel trench liner in your plant, we have the experience, equipment, and personnel willing to give your project the individual attention it deserves in our modern production facility.

Let us know what your project requires, and the C.P. Eakes Company team will respond with all of its resources to meet your needs. Call 336-574-1800.

Mirrored Stainless Solutions

The mirrored stainless was fixed to the entire doors and frames of a Lord & Taylor store in downtown Chicago. The installation was done by Rick Johnson of Peterson International in Wheeling Il. www.petersoninternational.com

Hi Paul

The polished stainless panels are absolutely incredible for their quality and ease of care. I had acrylic mirrors previously, but they tended to crack and scratch easily, so I ripped them off and used your product. First class stuff!

Car -
Original owner 1977 Trans Am Special Edition. I did all of the work - mechanical and paint.

Ram Air 400 motor, Race Ported Ram Air Heads, SD 455 Rods, Full Floating Forged Pistons, Scorpion Roller Rockers, Demon Carb, big HO Cam, Rhodes Lifters, 4 remote oil filters with oil cooler and thermostat, MSD 6a Digital Ignition & Timing Computer, 250 HP Nitrous with Jacobs Nitrous controller & Zex machine gun purge out back of hood scoop, dual fuel systems, 3" Pypes exhaust with Electric Exhaust Dumps, Wilwood 6 piston brakes with Brake cooling ducting, Tubular control arms with dual adjustable QA1 coil over billet shocks..............and on and on.

William - Macomb, MI.

Paul, your product looks great and was so easy to install. I put them on my. 30 ft. Daytona Eliminator, to show my cowlings on the 496 motors


Attached is a photo of Chino looking into his new mirror, which he likes to
admire himself as you can see. With much appreciation for the generosity of
Vicki and Karl who purchased the mirror for Chino, an 8 year old Paint who we adopted from Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Maryland one and half years ago. When Chino was rescued he fought hard to survive his ordeal and when he was first rescued he was about 300 lbs. underweight. My 16 year old daughter, Emily adores her Chino, he's become her best friend.

I'm guessing his cribbing may have developed from his lack of food and the
anxiety that surrounded him to fight for survival. As you may or may not
know, a horse who cribs is not very appealing to most horse owners because of the damaged caused from biting down on objects. I must say that your mirror has helped tremendously. I'm told by our trainer, Tina that it has cut his cribbing by at least 80%. I enjoy going into his stall with my clean cloth to wipe down all of his wet kisses he leaves behind. I've attached Chino's story as well so that you can learn a little about him and his plight to a new life with much love from many caring individuals. We are happy to endorse your mirrored stainless solutions at Safe Haven Farm and give permission to use his photo as you would like.

I'm available if you need any further information or would like to have
updates on our beloved rescues who now reside at Safe Haven Farm.

Best regards,
Mary (Chino's Owner)

Mirrored stainless reflecting the flames from a gas fireplace

Tim Sullivan Motor Sports has done the finest work possible for over 50 years, now specializing in mirrored Stainless, this is no exception, we maintain the highest standards in workman ship and the ability to handle large or small projects, You will not be dissapointed,

Thank You,

Tim Sullivan


Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome service and for providing such a cool product! This is our second order with you, and I can honestly say that while we work with over 150 vendors, my experiences with you and your company have been great, so THANK YOU!

I have attached some images of the product we have developed using your materials. The item is what we reffer to as a shot mirror. It is attached to the faceplate of an espresso machine just below the brew groups allowing the operator to see the quality of the shot as it develops. We will debut it next week at a trade event.


Terry Z

       Tom Wells

Hi Paul,

I received the mirrored stainless sheet this past Thursday and finally finished up the install today. I promised you some pictures for your web site so here you go! The vehicle pictured is my personal show car, a 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS.

The mirrored stainless that I put under my hood was the shiniest piece of metal that I have EVER seen and it makes it easier for the passersby to see the detail that I have put into the engine compartment.

Thank you and have a Great day!
Adam Ferguson
Your Custom Car


"Sheet of stainless held in front of a 1956 Ford"
"Doug from Denison Texas covered the battery box on his Semi with Mirrored Stainless Steel"

"Reflection of a Honda Goldwing Trike"

"I gotta tell you paul the mirror is excellent. there is no a blemish on them, they are true mirrors they are worth every cent that i paid for them."
Mirrored Stainless Solutions
"paul here is a picture i took at the cleveland autorama, the picture is showing the sandblaster rose under our showcar."

Bill & Janet Pontiac, MI.
Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions
"The mirror quality of this product is as good as it gets. Flawless reflection and the double protecting barrier was very impressive."
mike - 1992 corvette - Lebanon, OR

Here are a few shots of the project that was done with the mirrored
stainless. It's a visitor information center where costumers and visitors
can stop and read about the foundry as well as some things that are going on
here. It turned out great and we've had numerous compliments about it.
Thanks for the great product.

Kelly Cash
Facility Support Supervisor
Waupaca Foundry / Plant #5
Phone# (812) 547-0700 EXT.781
Fax# (812) 547-0714
E-Mail - Kelly.Cash@thyssenkrupp.com

Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Mirrored Stainless Solutions
Steve from Wentzville, MO. And His 2003 Suzuki VL1500 Intruder
Here are some photos of my 1973 Dodge Charger and the mirrored stainless I purchased from you to cover my fan shroud.
The material worked great and it came out exactly how I wanted it! Thanks So much!!
Fremont, Ohio

Mirrored Stainless Solutions

Mirrored Stainless Solutions Mirrored Stainless Solutions
  "Reflecting the Garden"
Martha S.
Oak Brook, IL
Jane from Gorilla Haven sanctuary in Morgantown, Ga. sent in this picture of Oliver admiring himself in a piece of mirrored stainless.
Need a back scratcher
or a bread slicer?


Here are a couple of pictures of the parts I made for my 2007 Solstice GXP. I am very pleased with your product and the finish is remarkable.
Charlie & Charlotte
Fairfield, Ohio

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