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Personal Use

Mirrored finish stainless steel has long been available and popular with interior designers and architects. Now its available to the public!

Mirrored stainless steel is popular because of its beauty. And our Super #8 non-directional stainless steel is the best of the best. Its mirror finish is flawless. That's because it's grainless. Zero lines.

Besides beauty, safety is also a perk. Unbreakable mirrored stainless steel has endless safety-related and decorative applications: bathrooms, child’s room, pool sides, playrooms, room décor, hobbies, auto, boats, trucks, and more.

When cleaning, you won't get residual hazy polishing lines like the typical stainless steel refrigerator.

Cleaning is a snap. Just use water and, preferably, a microfiber towel. Okay, if you like Windex, you can use that, too.

  • Home Owners - Uses for our polished stainless steel are numerous and, with a creative imagination, unlimited. Some ideas include:
    • Paneling a wall to make a room appear large and airy
    • Beneath kitchen cabinets to highlight a normally dull area
    • In the bathrooms for safety and to enlarge the feel of the room
    • Behind your gas fireplace logs to reflect the flame
    • In your shower as an unbreakable mirror
    • In your child's room, safer than mirrors
    • By the pool
    • To replace all mirrors in earthquake prone areas
    • As decorative accent pieces - by themselves or to reflect a favorite object d'art

  • Auto Detailing - Customize and attach a sheet of our polished stainless steel under the hood or on the firewall and show off the engine you are so proud of! You can also trim with mirrored stainless on your door panels, trunk, and headliner. Don't forget to place a sheet under your vehicle at shows for judging. Our polished stainless steel sheets are a lot easier and safer to transport to and from shows than mirrors!

  • Boat Detailing - Use polished stainless steel under your hatch cover for that WOW factor! And place it in the galley to reflect more of the sun's rays, and in the head to make it look larger. We can even have your boat's name water-jet cut into a polished stainless steel sheet so that you can attach it to your transom. That's a double-WOW!!

  • Recreational Vehicles - Add mirrored stainless steel to walls or cabinetry to create a brighter and larger feel for the interior of your living spaces. Adding a little trim on the exterior along the bottom of your motor home will really class up your act.

  • Semi-Drivers - Be the talk of the truck stops by trimming your vehicle with durable Super #8 non-directional stainless steel. Any place you want to show off will be perfect for our product.

  • Horse Stables - use mirrored stainless steel in stalls to provide companionship; in the arena, use on the walls so that riders can see themselves and their horse's gait.

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Specify A Gauge Between 11 thru 26
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