Stainless Steel Sheets Sold in Full-Size or to Your Dimensions

#8 Non-Directional Mirrored Stainless

Our Super #8 Non-Directional Stainless Steel has ZERO grain lines.

Don't settle for regular #8.

Your project deserves the beauty, clarity, and durability of the best polished stainless steel available.

You might wonder why we sell just one type of polished stainless steel.

The answer is simple. It's because our Super #8 Non-directional Stainless Steel is simply the best of the best.

If you want the mirrored-finish look of polished stainless steel, then why would you settle for the polished stainless steel commonly found in retail metal stores?

Sure, their mirrored-finish stainless steel is pretty to look at - from a distance. But when you look closely, it almost always has fine longitudinal lines in it. These lines make the steel duller and hazier.

Is that what you want for your office building, home, car, truck or boat?

Our highly polished stainless steel will make your project POP!

Whether it's the trim on a commercial building, a semi-truck, a banquet reception room, a vintage car, a modern kitchen, or a work of art - all require only the best of the best.

Our Super #8 Non-directional Stainless Steel is flawless. It has absolutely no lines. Zero.

And our mirrored stainless steel contains:

  • 18% chromium making it the highest of the high in reflectivity. This gives our steel the most beautiful mirror-like finish in the world.
  • 8% nickel making it highly corrosion resistant.

In fact, our mirrored-finish stainless steel will not tarnish, oxidize, discolor, peel, or crack - even when exposed to sunlight, saltwater, or humidity.

And it's incredibly easy to polish. Just use water and, preferably, a micro fiber cloth. Okay, if you like Windex, you can use that, too.

All this makes our polished stainless steel the right choice for other applications, too - including manufacturing.

Available Gauges:
14,16, 18, 20, 22 and 24


Above all use a “Micro-Fiber” Cloth Only