Unbreakable Safety Mirrors

The safety mirrors from Mirrored Stainless Solutions are stainless steel mirrors made using the finest polished stainless steel — Super #8. This non-directional stainless steel is incredibly easy to polish. Just use water, and preferably, a microfiber cloth. However, you can also use Windex in a pinch. They are ideal for public locations, including: 

• National & State Parks
• Prisons
• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• Mental Institutions
• Rest Stops
• Campgrounds
• Public Restrooms
• Schools

Framed Safety Mirrors

Mirrored Stainless Solutions is proud to offer the best in framed safety and polished mirrors. The theft-resistant frames are perfect for housing our Super #8 non-directional stainless steel mirrors, and their flawless surface is free of grain marks. Talk directly to the distributor yourself by getting in touch with our team! Your mirror will be protected during shipment using PVC covering.

Framed safety mirror in a bathroom.

The framed safety mirrors are made of Type 304, 18-gauge stainless steel sheets that are 5/8" x 3/4", with the corners welded and polished for a clean, modern finish. They are resistant to vandalism and breakage and, best of all, they install easily with no visible mounting. Choose from five sizes:

18" x 24" $118.00
18" x 30" $132.00
18" x 36" $140.00
24" x 30" $147.00
24" x 36" $157.00

Installation Instructions

Model M5300

1) Disassemble front frame from the back frame.
2) Mount back plate to the wall using the screw holes closest to the roll framed edge.
3) Remove the protective PVC plastic form the mirror. Position mirror on the bottom edge of the back plate with mirror resting on the roll formed flange and hold in place. Make sure the mirror is firmly in the frame. Do not remove the Styrofoam backing as that keeps the mirror in place.
4) Starting at the bottom of the frame place the front frame over the edge of the back plate. Start to snap the frame onto the edge of the back plate working toward the corners. Then continue up the edge across the top until frame snaps in place.
5) Replacement stainless mirrors are available without the frame.

Download Instructions

Install instructions for the framed mirrors: 

Installation Instructions Cleaning Instructions