Different solutions for our mirrored stainless steel.

Testimonials About our Mirrored Stainless Steel Solutions

When it comes to mirrored stainless steel and unbreakable framed mirrors, you can't beat Mirrored Stainless Solutions. Don't take our word for it, though; take some time to read what our past customers have had to say about our stainless steel sheets and polished mirror finish services.

"Hi Paul!

I thought I’d share with you a picture of your stainless mirrors. We have 4 of these handwash trailers, custom built by my dad. Your mirrors are perfect for them-and we get compliments on them often! These trailers go out to forest fire base camps in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho where firefighters will use them to wash up. 

Thanks again for an excellent product! (This trailer is almost complete, just missing a trim piece along the front of the counter)"

Sarah Schutt

"Thanks Paul, have a blessed day......it is always refreshing to do business with an honest and personable merchant. Hard to find now-a-days!! Attached are 2 photos of my finished project using your mirrored finish stainless product. A one of a kind "Windshield Sun Visor" for my 1947 FORD Hot Rod. Many thanks!! I will be recommending your product to my car club members.

Best Regards
Wiliam Arthur
Clay County Cruzers"

"Have utilized my "SAMPLE" of your polished SS for over a month in the shower as a replacement mirror for shaving, etc.. Trust me, if anyone looking for a non-fogging mirror tries your product their search will be over. I have in the past tried no less than three different mirrors with light, clock, radio, non-fogging surface only to be disappointed that none of the advertised qualities lasted beyond the battery life of the "gadget". Your mirror does one thing and does it in an exceptional and care free manner — reflects the image which it receives in a undistorted manner. It is not the Fountain of Youth, going to make you look ten years younger or five to ten pounds less. No, what you get is a mirror image reflection. I do not know where you advertise other than the ref. address but would strongly suggest a cross referenced for your product when Shower Mirror is entered in a search engine.

In my opinion there is not a better shower mirror on the market and your customer service is second to none!!!"

— M. Harrell, Cocoa Beach, Florida


I was straightening up my home office and found the receipt for the mirror I bought last July for my horse's covered area. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product and great customer service.

My mare has been laid up and in rehab for much of the past year, due to a torn deep digital flexor (it would correspond roughly to a tear in the main tendon that lets us flex our wrists) and the mirror let her keep an eye on what was going on when she was confined to the enclosed area for the first few months. She unquestionably understands that it's a mirror, and uses it the same way a human would use a rear view mirror or security mirror — if something weird is going on nearby (heavy equipment, horses or humans squabbling) she looks in the mirror, but keeps her ears tilted towards the disturbance. I think it was very important to her when she was closely confined, and even now that she has access to her outside run again, the greatly increased field of view seems to help her to stay quiet even when her neighbors are getting very worked up about something, which is good for reducing the risk that she'll re-injure her leg.

The mirror's gotten a few small scratches from her swiping it with a dirty nose, but it's holding up amazingly well given all the dust and non-maintenance.

Thanks for your help. Your patience with such a small order was terrific."

— Deb


Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome service and for providing such a cool product! This is our second order with you, and I can honestly say that while we work with over 150 vendors, my experiences with you and your company have been great, so THANK YOU!

I have attached some images of the product we have developed using your materials. The item is what we refer to as a shot mirror. It is attached to the faceplate of an espresso machine just below the brew groups allowing the operator to see the quality of the shot as it develops. We will debut it next week at a trade event.


Terry Z

"Dear Paul Lencki;

I received my mirrored stainless today via UPS. It arrived quickly, in perfect condition and packaged in a manner that it could not be damaged. This is a very high quality steel that will finish the project perfectly. It is a (rare) pleasure to work with a company that says what they will do and then do what they promised, for a total cost no higher than I sourced locally.

Thank you again and God bless you and your company!"

— S.P. Hunter, Newburg, Oregon


I wanted to share final images of the Portals installation that I designed and exhibited at the recent Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Your stainless was used for the 300 tubes that wrapped around the exterior of the installation. Here's a link below to images. Please feel free to use them in your company's literature.

Many of the beautiful SS shots are towards the end... Thanks again for your help on this project. I'm really happy with how it all turned out and the public loved it, too...lots of images online and on social media!

The pictures in this gallery are actual examples of how our stainless steel mirror finish products have been used. Architects have known about mirrored stainless steel for some time. They choose it for it's beauty, flexibility, and durability. You can feel confident when you purchase our polished stainless steel sheets. They will hold up no matter your application."